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In Acquariet, at about the age of 14/15, young people would leave school and enter a sort of work study instead.  Then they would train under that job until of age.  At which point they would either be asked to stay and continue working there, or be let go.

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This started out as doodles of the kids, to see how I felt about the outfits and if I maybe wanted to change them (so far Dirk’s is the only huge change, though Jade’s neck thing turned to a looser hoodie to look less warm)

Then I decided, as I started, that I wanted to draw the kids also based on what I believe they’d do either as a job or as their main hobby in Acquariet.

In Acquariet, I’m thinking at a young age (probably around 15 or so) kids would need to choose a place to work, and instead of highschool they’d do a work study.  At the end of it, probs at about 18, they’d either be asked to stay or be let go.

In the case of Jake on this, I imagine since he’s without guardian at all, that he’s kind of self taught himself, and has had a huge interest in the little ship things that float above the city. So he always is climbing all the way up there and trying to talk them into taking him on as an apprentice.

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